September 10, 2013:  Press Release - Motor Vehicle Theft

Motor Vehicle Theft:

On September 10, 2013, at approximately 12:26 am, a Green County Deputy observed a vehicle northbound on State Hwy 69 matching the description of one believed to have been stolen from the Monroe Truck business lot in the City of Monroe. This was in the area south of Washington Road.

As the vehicle neared the County Hwy C, Deputies attempted to stop the vehicle. The suspect vehicle accelerated and began to flee, turning east onto Lake Avenue/County Hwy F. There, the Monticello Police squad was westbound on Lake Avenue. The suspect vehicle swerved left of center and attempted to ram the Monticello squad car head on.  The squad was able to move off the road onto the shoulder to avoid the collision. The suspect vehicle continued east on County Hwy F and turned south on County F/Adams Road. The suspect vehicle then stopped in the road. The Green County Sheriff Squad also stopped. The suspect then reversed and rammed the back of that vehicle into the front of the County Squad car, causing considerable damage to the squad car, and took off again. The Monticello squad went around the Green County squad, still attempting to stop the suspect vehicle. The suspect vehicle stopped again, reversed and rammed the back of his vehicle into the front of the Monticello squad car, causing considerable damage to the squad and the airbag to deploy. The Monticello Officer then exited his squad and fired several shots from his service weapon at the suspect vehicle. The suspect vehicle fled the scene, continuing east on County Hwy EE.  Another County squad continued east on county EE and located the suspect vehicle in the eastbound lane, with the driver’s door standing open approximately .4 of a mile west of Silver Road. This County Squad was the K9 unit, so the Deputy exited and after ensuring there was no one in the suspect vehicle, got the K9 out and started to track the suspect back toward the west into a cornfield. There was also some tracking done by the Monroe Police K9 unit.

Eventually, the suspect was observed in the ditch line on the W4200 of County Hwy EE, which is approximately 2 miles west of where the stolen vehicle was abandoned. The suspect taken into custody was a male juvenile, age 15, from Verona, WI. The suspect is being held in a secure juvenile detention facility on tentative charges of Reckless Endangerment (2 counts), Criminal Damage to Property (2 counts), and Fleeing an Officer. I suspect there will be additional charges coming from the City of Monroe regarding the damage done at Monroe Truck and the stolen vehicles.

The WI State Patrol was contacted to conduct the investigation into the two traffic crashes. The Monticello Police Department is conducting the investigation into the shots being fired by the Monticello Officer. Also assisting at the various scenes in addition to those already mentioned were the Albany Police, New Glarus Police, Monticello Fire Department and the Green County Highway Department.


Richard S. Wyttenbach, Green County Sheriff

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