December 11, 2013:  Daily News Release

The following incidents occurred on December 11, 2013:

MV Crash:
At 12:38 a.m., Deputies were dispatched to STH 92, west of CTH W, in the Town of Exeter, for a motor vehicle accident. The offending vehicle fled the scene. Investigation determined Charles P. Guidry, 60, Evansville, was traveling eastbound, negotiating a curve, when he lost control of the vehicle on the ice-covered roadway. The vehicle spun around and slid into the north side ditch, sideswiping a utility pole guy wire. Seatbelt was worn, airbags did not deploy, and the motor vehicle sustained severe damage. Guidry sustained an injury, but declined medical treatment. Contributing factors were snow and ice on the roadway. Guidry was cited for Hit and Run Property Adjacent to Highway and Driving Too Fast for Conditions.  Guidry was released pending court.
MV Crash:
At 5:45 a.m., Scott J. Noll, 36, New Glarus, was traveling westbound on CTH C and failed to stop at the intersection of CTH J, in the Town of Adams. Noll's vehicle slid through the intersection and collided with some small trees. There was no injury, seat belt was used, and no airbag deployment. There was moderate damage to the motor vehicle and it was towed from the scene. Contributing factors were snow and ice on the roadway.
MV Crash:
At 5:49 a.m., Deputies responded to a single-vehicle crash on STH 81, east of Rat Hollow Road, in the Town of Adams. The driver and sole occupant, Paige A. Gilman, age 18, of Monroe, was traveling west when she lost control of her vehicle due to the ice-covered road. The vehicle spun counterclockwise, entered the north ditch and struck a fence. Paige reported wearing her seatbelt and was not injured in the crash. Paige's vehicle sustained moderate damage to the front passenger side and undercarriage, along with minor paint damage.
MV Crash:
At 6:29 a.m., Deputies responded to a single-vehicle crash on STH 59, 825 feet west CTH SS, in the Town of Sylvester. The driver and sole occupant, Peggy L. Miller, age 52, of Albany, was traveling west when she lost control of her vehicle on the ice-covered road. The vehicle fishtailed clockwise, went down the embankment in the north ditch, and came to rest, facing north in a cornfield. Peggy reported wearing her seatbelt and was uninjured in the crash. Peggy's vehicle sustained moderate damage to the front, entire passenger side and undercarriage. Both front airbags deployed. The vehicle was removed by the owner.
MV Crash:
At 8:51 a.m., Deputies responded to a report of a motor vehicle crash on STH 11/81, west of CTH KS, in Jefferson Township. 
Emily K. Stewart, 24, of Brodhead, was westbound on STH 11/81 when she slowed for a vehicle turning onto CTH KS. Emily advised that when she started to accelerate, she started to fish-tail. The vehicle then crossed into the eastbound lane of traffic and collided with the guardrail face on the south side of the highway. Emily was not injured in the crash and she was wearing her seat belt. The vehicle sustained minor front-end damage and the airbags did not deploy. The vehicle was driven from the scene by Emily. The guardrail face was damaged.
MV Crash:
At 5:11 p.m., Deputies responded to the W700 block of Atkinson Road, in the Town of Albany, for a vehicle vs. deer crash
.  Aaron W. Pratt, 19, of Albany, was driving east on Atkinson Road when a deer ran into the path of his vehicle and collided with the front end of his motor vehicle. Pratt was not injured, was wearing his seatbelt, and the airbags did not deploy. Pratt's vehicle received moderate front-end damage and was driven from the scene.
Submitted by:
Patrol Sgt. Robert A. Werren Sr. #8
“Pursuant to the directive of the WI Supreme Court, Trial Publicity, you are advised that a charge is merely an accusation. A defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty”.
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