June 11, 2014:  Daily News Release

The following incidents occurred on June 10, 2014:

Motor Vehicle Crash:
At 8:30 A.M., Deputies responded to a motor vehicle crash on STH 104, at STH 92, in the Village of Brooklyn. A vehicle traveling south on STH 104, driven by Bruce A. Bahman, 51, Monona, had stopped at the stop sign, but he thought the intersection was a four-way stop. Bahman failed to yield the right of way from a stop sign and pulled in front of a truck/tanker driven by Robert D. Peters, 60, Brodhead, traveling west on STH 92.   Bahman was not injured and was wearing a seat belt. Bahman was cited for Failure to Yield the Right of Way from a Stop Sign. Bahman's vehicle sustained moderate damage to the driver's side and was towed from the scene. Peters was wearing a seat belt and was not injured. His vehicle sustained minor damage and was driven from the scene.
Motor Vehicle Crash:
At 10:20 A.M., Deputies investigated a car vs. deer crash on CTH C, near Center Road, in the Town of Washington. Lynette A. Komprood, 74, of Monticello, was eastbound on CTH C when she collided with a deer. There was moderate damage to the vehicle, no injury, no airbag deployment and she was wearing a seatbelt. The motor vehicle was driven from the scene.
Motor Vehicle Crash:
At 4:18 P.M., Deputies responded to the intersection of CTH C and STH 104, in the Town of Brooklyn, for a two-vehicle crash. A car operated by Nathan D. Redders, 16, Janesville, was stopped at the intersection of CTH C at STH 104. He did not see any vehicles and went to make a left turn. He then saw the southbound vehicle driven by Melissa M. Schwartzlow, 25, Brodhead, and stopped, but still struck the vehicle driven by Schwartzlow. None of the occupants were injured and everyone was wearing a seatbelt. There was no airbag deployment. The car driven by Schwartzlow received minor damage while Redders vehicle received very minor damage. Both vehicles were driven from the scene by the operators. Redders was cited for Failure to Yield Right of Way from a Stop Sign and released pending court.
Submitted by:
Robert A. Werren Sr.
Patrol Sergeant #8
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