March 25, 2016:  Daily News Release

The following incidents occurred on March 24, 2016:

Motor Vehicle Crash:

At 7:25 AM, Deputies and Brooklyn PD responded to the N8200 Block of CTH E, Town of Brooklyn, for a motor vehicle crash. Timothy E. Garwell, 40, of Monroe, was northbound and negotiating a curve when he lost control on the ice/sleet-covered roadway. The vehicle spun around and entered the east ditch and overturned onto its side. The vehicle sustained moderate damage without airbag deployment. The vehicle was towed from the scene.  Garwell was wearing his safety belt and was uninjured.


Motor Vehicle Crash:

At 8:18 AM, Deputies, New Glarus PD/EMS and FD responded to a motor vehicle crash on STH 69, south of Exeter Crossing, in the Town of New Glarus.  Cherno N. Chandum, 27, of Madison, was traveling south on STH 69 when he lost control of the vehicle on the ice/sleet-covered roadway.  The vehicle went off road, down a steep embankment, where it rolled over three times before coming to rest on its wheels.  Chandum sustained an injury and was transported to the Monroe Clinic Hospital by New Glarus EMS.  The vehicle sustained severe damage and was towed from the scene.  The driver reported wearing his seatbelt. There was no airbag deployment. Tire conditions (insufficient tread depth and tire type) are considered contributing factors to the motor vehicle crash.


Motor Vehicle Crash:

At 3:58 PM, Deputies responded to the W3300 block of STH 92, in the Town of Exeter, for a motor vehicle crash.  Taylor M. Vesperman, 16, of Belleville, was traveling westbound when she lost control of her vehicle on the ice-covered roadway.  The vehicle traveled into the south ditch.  Vesperman reported that she was wearing her seat belt and that she was not injured.  The air bags did not deploy and the vehicle received moderate damage.  The vehicle was towed from the ditch and driven from the scene.


Motor Vehicle Crash:

At 9:40 PM, Deputies responded to the N3600 block of Aebly Road, Town of Monroe, for a motor vehicle crash.  Vincente J. Carrillo Armentrout, 22, of Lake Mills, was traveling northbound on Aebly Road when he lost control of his vehicle on the ice-covered roadway.  Armentrout entered the west ditch, struck a mailbox and traveled up a small embankment, which caused his vehicle to overturn, coming to rest on the roof.  Armentrout reported wearing his seatbelt, with no injuries.  Armentrout's vehicle was towed from the scene. Armentrout’s vehicle sustained moderate damage to all areas of the vehicle.


Submitted by:


Patrol Sergeant Robert A. Werren Sr.

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