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Phone: 608 328 9400
FAX: 608 328 1823
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Green County Crime Stoppers
The Green County Crime Stoppers program helps solve crimes. Crime Stoppers is a service that rewards tipsters (up to $1000) when they supply valuable information about crimes. All tipsters have the right to remain anonymous. To get more information about the Green County Crime Stoppers program or find out how to submit a tip visit their site here.
Administration Directory
Mark Rohloff Sheriff 608-328-9615
Thomas Moczynski Chief Deputy 608-328-9617
Kari Phillips Lieutenant 608-328-9587
Curt Quinn Jail Lieutenant 608-328-9616
Paul Weichbrod Lieutenant 608-328-9575
Pamela Young Sheriff's Executive Legal Assistant 608-328-9615
Dana Weber Business Manager 608-328-9589
Ryan Ellingson Technical Services Manager 608-328-9457
Detective Directory
Betsy Krantz Detective 608-328-9579
Charlie Worm Detective 608-328-9581
Chris Fiez Detective 608-328-9580
Patrol Directory
Mark Binger Patrol Sergeant 608-328-9400
Britt Gempeler Patrol Sergeant 608-328-9400
Bernie Roidt Patrol Sergeant 608-328-9400
Pamela Tourdot Patrol Deputy/School Liaison 608-328-9632
John Schuetz Court Services Deputy 608-328-9569
Dani Jackson Patrol Deputy 608-328-9400
Adam Bass Patrol Deputy 608-328-9400
Tanner Gilbert Patrol Deputy 608-328-9400
Allen Peters Patrol Deputy 608-328-9400
Joshua Mayer Patrol Deputy 608-328-9400
Scott Ellefson Patrol Deputy 608-328-9400
Daniel DeNure Patrol Deputy 608-328-9400
Cody Kanable Patrol Deputy 608-328-9400
Brian Dillon Patrol Deputy 608-328-9400
David Tschudy Patrol Deputy 608-328-9400
Curtis Erdmann Patrol Deputy 608 328-9400
Aaron King Patrol Deputy 608-328-9400
Bradley Gilbert Patrol Deputy 608-328-9400
Stephen Hammel Part Time 608-328-9400
Thomas Erb Part Time 608-328-9400
Jeffrey Sturdevant Part Time 608-328-9400
Szvon Conway Part Time 608-328-9400
Kerry Schlittler Part Time 608 328-9400
Jail Directory
Nicole Groffy Jail Sergeant 608-328-9595
William Bigler Jailer 608-328-9598
Jenefer Burchette Jailer 608-328-9598
Sara Conway Jailer 608-328-9598
Tammy Gunser Jail Sergeant 608-328-9562
Diane Tertin Jailer 608-328-9598
Melisa Richardson Jailer 608-328-9598
Leslie Boyle Jailer 608-328-9598
Jacob Schooff Jailer 608 328-9598
Shane Eddy Jailer 608 328-9598
Cody Robertson Jailer 608 328-9598
Lucas Reints Jailer 608-328-9598
Cameron Knobel Jailer 608 328-9598
Communications Directory
James Moldenhauer Dispatcher 608-328-9400
Laura Steiner Lead Dispatcher 608-328-9400
Meagan Christen Dispatcher 608-328-9400
Jeanette Hasse Dispatcher 608-328-9400
Thomas Williams Dispatcher 608-328-9400
Ryan Vogel Dispatcher 608-328-9400
Erin Menzel Dispatcher 608-328-9400
Katherine Vetterli Dispatcher 608-328-9400
Clerical Directory
Cynthia Brandt Clerical 608-328-9438
Pamela Pehl Clerical 608-328-9578
Kris Rufer Part Time 608-328-9438
Maintenance Directory
Patrick Nevil Maintenance 608-328-9565
Dawn Nelson Part Time 608-328-9565
Patrol/Jail Directory
Dennis Hughes Part Time 608-328-9400
Toni Noble Part Time 608 328-9400

Department Divisions
This is a responsible administrative/management position assisting the Sheriff in directing the Green County Sheriff's Department. Assists in planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling the general supervision of all divisions of the Sheriff's Department and those employees who perform police work in the maintenance of law and order, prevention of crime, and the protection of lives and property.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities?
Supervision of Patrol, Jail, Detective, Dispatch, Clerical, and other specialized programs assigned by the Sheriff. On a daily basis, is responsible for case review, overtime authorization, inspection of personnel and equipment, overseeing the daily functions of the Department, and other specialized programs assigned by the Sheriff.

Sheriff's Deputies are visible representatives of Green County and the Green County Sheriff's Department, providing protection to the citizens we serve. Sheriff's Deputies perform various functions including patrol, traffic law enforcement, supervision of inmates, criminal investigations, court bailiff, serving warrants and civil papers, and other law enforcement related duties.
General Essential Duties and Responsibilities?
Has the general authority to enforce State statutes and ordinances of the County. May also enforce town or other municipal ordinances established under law. Sheriff's Deputies have authority and powers granted under law to enforce the following: alcohol violations, unlawful assemblies, issue citations, answer citizen complaints, emergency detentions and detox, domestic abuse, fish and game enforcement, jail rule violations, authority to take juveniles into custody, assist in mutual aid, investigate jail rule violations, authority to take juveniles into custody, assist in mutual aid, investigate child abuse, domestic abuse, and harassment, to search when authorized, to seize property, to stop and question, enforce traffic laws, and other federal, State and County violations.

Sheriff's Jail Officers perform various functions including monitoring daily jail operations, assessment, supervision of inmates, documentation of activities, and the general safety and security of County jail inmates.
Jailor Essential Duties and Responsibilities?
Maintains security and discipline in the jail by managing actions of prisoners incarcerated, intervening to stop disturbances, enforcement of jail rule violations, conducting searches and inspections, surveillance of all inmates, taking custody of and releasing inmates, serving inmate meals, admitting visitors, preparing reports and other required paperwork, and such other duties as may be assigned from time to time.

The Detective performs police work in the maintenance of law and order, prevention of crime, and the protection of lives and property. The Detective conducts criminal investigations in an effort to obtain information and evidence to apprehend persons involved in illegal activity.
General Essential Duties and Responsibilities?
Conduct criminal investigations and follow-up including, but not limited, interview techniques, oral communications, investigative analysis/judgment, investigations of burglary, theft, robbery, arson, sexual/physical assault, child abuse, criminal damage to property, welfare fraud, battery, and death investigation. Interact with other departments, which would include attending meetings, periodically meeting with the District Attorney, social services workers, and other agencies. Responding to major crimes, processing crime scenes and follow-up investigations are integral parts of their duties.

Sheriff's Dispatchers perform a wide variety of communication-related tasks, receive complaints and requests for services from citizens and public safety personnel, operate varied and complex communications equipment, monitor and direct the status of public safety personnel, control access to secured jail areas, and perform related work as required.
General Essential Duties and Responsibilities?
Operates radio transmitters in accordance with the Federal Communications Commission rules and regulations and maintains radio traffic logs. Operates the Time System teletype machine (TIME) used for driver's license checks, registration checks, checks for wanted persons, etc. and other data processing systems, and maintains confidentiality and secrecy of information. Answers incoming emergency and nonemergency telephone calls. Identifies the nature of the report and the proper agencies to respond. Controls access to secured jail areas. Acts as liaison between public officials and the general public. Performs such other duties as may be assigned from time to time.

The Clerical Dispatcher will perform various functions in assisting Deputies in general transcription of dictated materials and assist in completing accident forms. In addition, from time to time, Clerical Dispatchers will be called upon to act as Dispatchers.
General Essential Duties and Responsibilities?
Performs, in an efficient and accurate manner, general clerical responsibilities such as typing, transcribing, reading and reviewing reports, processing various legal documents, maintaining a filing system, answering the telephone, reading and interpreting maps, typing accident reports, performing general clerical duties and general office operations.

Provides quality meals for inmates and maintains proper sanitary conditions.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities?
Performs all cooking-related tasks for meal preparation for inmates. Maintains equipment and insures sanitary working conditions, clean equipment and serving utensils.

Responsible for repair and maintenance of the Department, which includes the Jail and other buildings on the property.
General Duties and Responsibilities?
Performs repairs and maintenance to fixtures and equipment as needed, performs grounds maintenance tasks, maintains building and office security, assists with the overall maintenance of buildings and grounds.
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